scratch buffet review pt. 2 / rock hard bastards

For the 3rd episode we had some very special guests and it was the only time so far that we had our session at a different venue.  Instead of our homebase Alte Feuerwache we organized the session and the following concert by the Rock Hard Bastards ( D – Styles, Toadstyle and DJ Excess) from the US at Disko 2. Unfortunately we got offered just one date to make this show happen and Alte Feuerwache wasn´t available for this day, so we had to find an alternative. We were very eager to invite them because they have always been a very big influence for us and when we got the confirmation for the venue we collected the money among our friends to make it happen… Thanks to everyone of you guys who gave some money and everyone who showed up for the concert, it was definitely worth it! It was the only show in Germany and even though it was during the week 2 guys from north Germany came all the way to enjoy the showcase. That´s what I call passion! Also big ups to Stav from QNQ Productions for organizing this tour and giving us the opportunity to meet our idols.